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About Us

Matchaletic consists of a great team of people with a passion for tea and keeping fit. C’mon… who doesn’t like a good cup of tea?

At the weekends you’ll most likely find us taking part in obstacle courses (Tough Mudder being a favourite), in the gym or hiking up mountains for fun. Oh and let’s not forget, bringing matcha green tea to the masses during the week!


We have been avid matcha drinkers for a few years and have benefited from the elixir’s many effects ever since. We noticed how a matcha before a work out or competition would elevate us to new levels of mental and physical excellence. Not only that we noticed massive benefits in both our professional and personal lives. Premium grade matcha has the ability to eliminate the perception of stress whilst simultaneously relaxing and focusing the mind. It truly is an incredibly nutritious, safe, legal and affordable natural compound. We believe that the whole of society could benefit from regular consumption of matcha and it is our mission to bring this message and product to as many people as possible.

The Matchaletic Team


Matchaletic exists to provide everyday athletes with affordable matcha green tea. Everyone can be an athlete, you just need the right tools and determination to succeed. As health and fitness enthusiasts, we recognised the benefits that matcha could provide in both everyday life and when exercising. We aim to provide premium athlete grade matcha whilst providing up to date information and research about its benefits and uses on our website and social media accounts.

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