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Welcome to our Blog, a complete list of our witterings on about matcha and things you may find interesting.

  • Matcha as a Pre-Workout

    Pre-workout supplements can be a great way to feel more energetic before and throughout a workout. Here at Matchaletic, we think matcha is a great natural alternative, here’s why…

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  • Beating DOMS

    The Matchaletic team engage in all sorts of physical activities from sailing and mountaineering to simply lifting heavy weights everyday. Although we may not share the same interests, we all do have one thing in common, and that is the dreaded D.O.M.S in the days after a hard physical session.

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  • Matcha: More Than Fitness

    We at Matchaletic can testify to the benefits of premium grade matcha as a supplement to our fitness regimes. Whether it be running, weights, football, hiking or a game of thrones marathon, matcha gives us fast acting and effective increases in energy and concentration.

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  • What is Beta-Carotene?

    Want to see in the dark? Your standard serving of matcha contains an abundance of Beta-Carotene, roughly 30,000 ug/100g. Remember your parents telling you the tall tale that if you eat your carrots you would be able to see in the dark? Well this little white lie may seem beyond the realms of possibility, but it’s not entirely without an element of truth.

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  • Benefits of L-Theanine

    L-theanine is an amino acid present in abundance in matcha. It acts in synergy with the caffeine present in matcha to provide a calm but alert state of mind.

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