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Benefits of L-Theanine

09-03-2016 12:28:00



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L-theanine is an amino acid present in abundance in matcha. It acts in synergy with the caffeine present in matcha to provide a calm but alert state of mind. This is in direct contrast to the effects of caffeine consumption alone which can lead to an edgy and jittery state bordering on anxiety.

Studies have shown that consumption of L-theanine alleviates the symptoms of mental and physical stress and anxiety without the drowsy after effects of some prescription medications.

Improved concentration, focus and motivation has also been widely reported as a result of matcha consumption which is a direct result of L-theanine present. When you consume matcha you are consuming the entire leaf and as a result you are consuming a large dose of L-theanine.

Further, studies have shown that L-theanine leads to a significant increase in alpha brain waves. When the mind is in the alpha state you are more relaxed, creative but extremely focussed. Monks have used matcha for centuries for entirely this purpose before meditation.

This leads us on to the exciting potential uses for athletes, sports and business people. Imagine stepping onto the first tee with a clear, calm and focussed mind or taking a penalty in a crucial game in front of a baying crowd. Imagine being able to compete in your chosen sport without the niggling anxiety, stress and nerves which leads to clouded judgement and sub-standard physical performance. Imagine being able to drink a natural, healthy and legal substance that will provide all of the above without any side effects.

Regular consumption of high grade matcha has been shown to include:-

  • Increased focus and concentration;
  • An ability to handle higher levels of stress;
  • A calm but non-drowsy mind;
  • Increased energy.

Do you want the edge? Then start drinking matcha today!

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