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Beating DOMS

15-08-2016 19:19:00



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The Matchaletic team engage in all sorts of physical activities from sailing and mountaineering to simply lifting heavy weights everyday. Although we may not share the same interests, we all do have one thing in common, and that is the dreaded D.O.M.S in the days after a hard physical session.

If you don’t know what D.O.M.S stands for, we are referring to delayed onset muscle soreness. It is the pain you feel after pushing your body and muscles hard. Without getting too scientific, the muscles suffer the trauma of exercise which results in inflammation and pain. Many take this as a sign of a hard workout and a good thing, however, if not tackled D.O.M.S can put you out of action for several days.

The Matchaletic team like to experiment with different compounds and have recently discovered turmeric as an aid to combat post exercise muscle soreness. Turmeric is the spice found in many homes however not many people know that it is a veritable super-food and anti-oxidant which contains amongst other things the compound curcumin. Studies have shown curcumin to be a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent. It has also been shown to protect against muscle damage.

We have been experimenting with turmeric supplementation pre and post workout and before bedtime. We have noticed that our usual aches and pains have been reduced upon waking and that we have the ability to train again the very next day to optimum levels. More studies need to be done with turmeric as a sports supplement but anecdotal evidence suggests that it can have a beneficial effect.

We take 2-3 shakes of turmeric with a little water or mix with a premium Matcha for a massive boost of anti-oxidants and energy. Turmeric also has the added benefit of preempting hangovers as it has shown to protect the liver from the harmful affects of alcohol.

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