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Matcha as a Pre-Workout

17-09-2016 19:23:00


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Pre-workout supplements can be a great way to feel more energetic before and throughout a workout. Here at Matchaletic, we think matcha is a great natural alternative, here's why...

Motivation is one of the main reasons people struggle to maintain their exercise regime week to week and day to day. The best intentions are subject to the rigours and stresses of daily life which can leave motivation for training very low. Even athletes whose actual job is to train sometimes find it difficult to keep going day in day out. I personally have struggled with lack of energy which leads to lack of motivation. Long days working and balancing family life takes its toll and invariably the exercise regime and diet suffers.

Pre-workout supplements seek to assist with lack of energy and motivation. Products with fancy names containing a variety of ingredients fill the shelves of supplement stores and e-shops. I don’t have a problem with these products personally but I am often wary of whether or not the product actually does anything. The cost is also prohibitive.

I stumbled upon matcha when researching natural and healthy ways to boost energy levels and increase focus. I tried it initially as a pre-workout and was amazed by how energised I felt almost immediately. I could find the motivation and focus and could work in the gym longer and harder if I drank a cold matcha shortly before a workout. From later research I understood that the l-theanine found in abundance in matcha was working across the blood brain barrier to give me an immediate boost of energy. I now use it before every workout without fail and feel the effect on performance if I do not.

If you are struggling with energy and motivation give matcha a try, I promise you will notice a difference.

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