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Welcome to our knowledge base section. Here we provide information and research into the content and benefits of matcha.

We also provide support and guidance on how to best use matcha in order to maximise its potential as an aid to athletes, fitness enthusiasts and high performers.

Matcha contains a variety of compounds that add to its overall effectiveness as a health supplement. Please click on the navigation to the left to find more information relating to each particular compound found in matcha, what it can do for you and handy how to guides.

Matcha is essentially the powdered leaves of the camellia sinensis plant. Unlike normal green tea which is usually steeped and provides only a fraction of the nutrients, matcha provides the whole leaf in powdered form. Matcha is so much better than normal green because you are consuming 100% of the nutrients. In addition, only the tenderest leaves are picked for matcha which are then covered in shade for the final 3-4 weeks before harvest. This shading causes the phytonutrients in the plant to sky rocket.

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