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How to Prepare Matcha

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How on earth do you prepare matcha green tea I hear you ask? Well, there’s the traditional way and the way we at Matchaletic have adopted and now prefer.

See below to find out the best way to prepare matcha green tea.


Traditionally, approximately 1/3 to 1/2 of a tspn of matcha is placed in a cup or mug and 70-80% boiling water is poured over. The matcha powder does not mix with a teaspoon alone and it requires a whisk to break it down. During Japanese tea ceremonies a small bamboo whisk is used and the preparation is very much part of the experience. For the athlete and fitness enthusiast this is unnecessary and a hand held blender or standard whisk will do.

Apply the blender/whisk until the the powder is dissolved into a vibrant green liquid. A skim of froth should appear and the powder should be completely assimilated into the liquid.


We at Matchaletic prefer to use matcha as a sports drink which means consuming cold. A protein shaker is ideal for this if you have one, especially with a mixer ball. If you do, drop approximately 1/3 to 1/2 of a tspn of premium matcha into the shaker and fill with approximately 3/4 full of ice cold water (add ice if you wish for more refreshment). Seal the lid and shake vigorously until the powder appears to be mixed, again a froth will appear. We recommend adding a squeeze of fresh lemon to the mix for an ice cold, refreshing and extremely healthy hit of matcha.

In either case:- drink, savour, enjoy, be focused and be energised.

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