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We know that cutting up for a competition or an event can be extremely difficult. As the weeks pass and calories decrease the tiredness, brain fog and stress increases.

As you taper you are still expected to train and push yourself to your limits on very little energy. More often than not you have to maintain a professional and family life which puts even more strain on your body and mind further increasing cortisol levels and limiting your body’s ability to compete at 100%.

The caffeine in coffee and energy drinks can provide some short term assistance however you usually crash and have the jitters or maybe even anxiety. Any other supplement may put you in danger of failing sports drugs tests and may even be harmful.


Matcha has the power to transform your life when cutting. Not only will it fire bomb your metabolism and may increase fat loss it will provide you with prolonged energy and decreased stress levels. You may even notice that you are in a good mood even in the final week of a cut when energy levels are at their lowest. Matcha green tea is also a mild appetite suppressant, it also allows the brain to handle more stress and with a different perspective.

“Not only will it fire bomb your metabolism and may increase fat loss it will provide you with prolonged energy and decreased stress levels”

Matcha is of particular use to athletes and bodybuilders as it allows the body to recover from a training session whilst providing energy. The matcha energy comes from a combination of the amino acid l-theanine combined with caffeine which is found in matcha. L-theanine is found almost exclusively in the camellia sinensis green tea plant and acts to balance the effects of caffeine and provides a calm, alert and focused mind.

In addition EGCG supplementation as a pre-workout has been shown to be beneficial to performance. For example Richards, Lonac et al found that consumption of EGCG before a work out increased VO2 max. The study suggested that EGCG may increase venous-arterial O2 difference.

If you are a bodybuilder or an athlete and you are due to cut for a competition try matcha several times a day to see how you feel. It will give you the energy to train whilst increasing fat loss and eliminating stress. More and more of the world’s top athletes and bodybuilders are using matcha during a cut. It is a safe, legal and effective method of getting shredded whilst staying sane during prolonged calorie restriction.

Best of all it mixes with protein.


We source premium, nutritionally dense matcha and offer it at affordable prices. We are athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts and want to spread the word about this amazing and natural compound.

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