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Matcha and Protein Powder

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Matcha and Protein Powder

Do you want even more focus before a workout? We at Matchaletic love everything matcha; the smell, the taste, the prep and the resultant blast of energy and focus. Some people don't, however, we have a solution!

Some people don’t like the taste of green tea which is difficult to avoid when using only a tea bag. Green tea from a bag, we admit, can taste bitter and insipid dependent on the blend, quality or prep. Matcha is different. It is high in nutrients and provides a smooth, sweet taste. We implore you to try matcha to test your taste buds, it is different to normal green tea we can assure you.

If you still don’t like taste then that is fine. As a powder matcha is very malleable and can be added to food and other drinks. Being fitness enthusiasts we like to drink premium matcha in a shaker with ice cold water and a dash of lemon.

“We also mix matcha with our protein shakes, this virtually eliminates the taste although we still receive the massive hit of nutrients”

One of the best combinations we’ve tried is with vanilla protein. It is bloody delicious! Have a look at our matcha & protein prep below, it’s as easy as that.


  • Step 1 - Just take 1/3 to 1/2 tspn of Matchaletic’s premium matcha and add it to your protein shaker or blender as usual;
  • Step 2 - Add protein;
  • Step 3 - Shake or blend;
  • Step 4 - Drink;
  • Step 5 - Take on the world;

So whether you’re an avid green tea drinker or not, we have got you covered. Matcha, with a dash of lemon (one of our favourites), with protein or the traditional way in a mug will go down a treat and give you a burst of energy and focus without the caffeine jitters (we’re looking at you coffee!). With adding the protein, you’re getting the best of both worlds, a kick up the backside and all the nutrients that come with it, making sure you’re fully fuelled for your workout.

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